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Sidewinders' Logo Sidewinder Name
Nickname: Ducky
Age: 20
Years with the Sidewinders: Second
Sign: Leo
Height: 5"4"
Birthplace: Mesa
City I live in: Mesa
College I attend Arizona State University
Degree earned or working towards Secondary Education
Occupation: Student
Professional and future goals: I want to become a high school P.E. teacher and coach and have a family.
Most Influential Person: My family because they have always believed in me and given me their love and support.
Word that best describes me: Energetic
Best habit: Working out
Worst habit: Spending money
Most prized possession: Cell phone
Hobbies: Snowboarding, dancing, swimming, running, shopping, hanging out with my friends, watching movies
Favorite sport to watch and play: I like to watch football, baseball, Lacrosse, and Hockey. I like to play all sports especially sand volleyball on the beach.
A great evening for me is: Having a good time with my friends or staying home and relaxing and watching a good movie.
If I could go anywhere in the world: Hawaii, so I could learn how to surf and I could lay out on the beach, get tan, and play sand volleyball.
One thing the Sidewinders don't know about me: I also dance for the Arizona Sting which is our Lacrosse team, and for the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team. I love camping and going to my cabin with my family. I have an older brother (Matt) and older sister (Cindy), and a dog named Tatum.
Most ebmarrasing moment: Last year at tryouts my pants ripped!
Phobias: Bugs and needles
Favorite Meal: Mexican food
Favorite late night snack: Wendy's fries and a Frosty
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite book: Charolette's Web
Favorite movie: I love movies! My very favorites are Dumb and Dumber, Armagedon, Monster's Inc, Braveheart, Man on Fire, Old School.
Favorite television show: Friends,The OC, Family Guy, The Simspons, Laguna Beach
Favorite cartoon character: Ralph Wiggum- The Simpsons
Favorite animal: Ducks
Favorite band: I like all types of music
Favorite quote: "It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up." - Vince Lambarde