Sidewinders' Photo
Sidewinders' Logo Sidewinders' Name
Nickname Heidi Doll, Happy Heidi
Age 22
Years with the Sidewinders Fifth
Sign Sagittarius
Height 5'10"
Birthplace Phoenix, Arizona
City I live in Glendale, Arizona
College I attend
Occupation Assistant Kindergarten Teacher, dance instructor
Goals Have a job that I love, get married, start a family, and just BE HAPPY!
Most Influential Person Mom and dad. Their constant love, support, and strength has made me the person I am today. I love them both with all of my heart.
Word that best describes me Loyal
Best habit Always putting others before myself
Worst habit Twisting my hair and not returning phone calls
Most prized possession A picture of my Great-Grandmother and I
Hobbies Dancing and hanging out with my family and friends
Favorite sport to watch Arena Football
Favorite sport to play Volleyball
A great evening for me is Hanging out at home, watching one of my favorite movies, and eating chinese food.
If I could go anywhere in the world Germany, which I am traveling to this summer. I get to meet some of my family which I have never met before!
One thing the Sidewinders don't know about me I recently went to see David Copperfield when he was performing at Gammage. He pulled me up on stage for one of his tricks! He gave me a rose, an autographed picture, and a kiss on the cheek!
Most ebmarrasing moment Falling in front of 10,000 Rattler fans during one of our dances two seasons ago ... Yes, that was me!
Best & worst qualites Best: I am easy to get along with, I always put people before myself; Worst: I am too sensitive
Phobias State Fair Rides
Favorite Meal My grandma's home-cooked German food
Favorite late night snack Left over Chinese food and a Cherry Coke
Favorite color Blue
Favorite book "5th Graders Don't Believe in Witches" by Terri Fields
Favorite movie Beauty and the Beast and A Walk to Remember
Favorite television show Nip Tuck, The O.C. and A Wedding Story
Favorite cartoon character "Chip" from Beauty and the Beast
Favorite animal My basset hound, Buffy
Favorite band Britney Spears and Lifehouse
Favorite quote To the world you may only be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
Anything else to add To all Rattler fans: You are what make the games so much fun. Thank you for your constant support. Here's to another great, action-filled season. Arena Bowl, here we come!