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Nickname: Mary Sunshine
Age: 24
Years with the Sidewinders: First
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5'6"
Birthplace: Wichita, KS
City I live in: Scottdale
College I attend Wichita State University/University of Kansas
Degree earned or working towards B.A. in Sociology and a minor in dance
Occupation: Dance Instructor, Office Assistant at John Robert Powers acting and modeling school
Professional and future goals: To have a successful career in the entertainment industry.
Most Influential Person: I don't have one particular person, I am inspired and influenced by all my family because they are all special to me.
Word that best describes me: Caring
Best habit: Keeping in touch with my family.
Worst habit: Being late
Most prized possession: All my pictures, they are memories of my life.
Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Shopping, Singing and Photography.
Favorite sport to watch and play: I like to play baseball, I like to watch all sports.
A great evening for me is: To relax by going out to dinner and seeing a really good movie.
If I could go anywhere in the world: I would like to see New York and the east coast because I have never visited that area of the United States before.
One thing the Sidewinders don't know about me: I love animals!
Most ebmarrasing moment: I have fractured my wrist twice, both for really embarrassing reasons. In high school, I fell off a pogo stick. In college, I was dancing in my dorm room and slipped and fell.
Phobias: Enclosed spaces
Favorite Meal: Mexican food, chicken enchiladas, rice and chips and salsa!
Favorite late night snack: Chocolate chip cookies
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite book: The God of Small Things, The Ring
Favorite movie: The Notebook, Angel Eyes
Favorite television show: Dawson's Creek
Favorite cartoon character: The Donkey off the movie "Shrek."
Favorite animal: My Boston Terrier, Wylie
Favorite band: I love all types, pop, country and rock.
Favorite quote: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.