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Age: 20
Years with the Sidewinders: Second
Sign: Cancer
Height: 5'10"
Birthplace: Mesa
City I live in: Chandler
College I attend ASU
Degree earned or working towards Majoring in Broadcast/Mass Communications
Occupation: Cheer coach
Professional and future goals: To become a sports anchor
Most Influential Person: My mom
Word that best describes me: Outgoing
Best habit:
Worst habit: Speeding
Most prized possession: My hard earned money
Hobbies: Wake/snowboarding and track & field
Favorite sport to watch and play: Football, basketball & track
A great evening for me is: Plenty of food and plenty of rest
If I could go anywhere in the world: Hawaii
One thing the Sidewinders don't know about me: I run hurdles for ASU
Most ebmarrasing moment: When tumbling at a high school basketball game I fell on my butt.
Phobias: Claustrophobia
Favorite Meal: Chicken enchiladas or Lasagna
Favorite late night snack: Filibertos
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite book: Mary Higgins Clark books
Favorite movie: Dumb & Dumber
Favorite television show: Punk'd
Favorite cartoon character: Nemo
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite band: R&B Hip Hop
Favorite quote: You havenít failed until youíve stopped trying.